Purple Level Quiz #14: make (ANSWERS)  write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “make” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. Harold made a lot of money last year. (past tense)

2. Her perfume is making my eyes water. (present continuous tense)

3. The movie will make you laugh out loud. (future tense)

4. Does the medicine make you feel better? (present tense)

5. She didn’t make the bed this morning. (past tense — negative)

6. The children were making animals out of clay in art class this morning. (past continuous tense)

7. This car was made in Germany. (past tense, passive voice)

8. How much money does he make at his job? (present tense)

9. It’s too bad they split up. They made a nice couple. (past tense)

10. I want to make some cookies today. (infinitive)

11. You shouldn’t make so much noise. (should — negative)

12. Learning online every day has made a big difference in her English. (present perfect tense)

13. Have you made reservations for the flight to Los Angeles yet? (present perfect tense)

14. A lot of progress is being made on a cure for cancer. (present continuous tense, passive voice)

15. It’s hard to avoid making mistakes when you learn something new. (gerund)

16. This decision doesn’t make any sense. (present tense — negative)

17. Make a left turn at the light. (imperative form)

18. You will be making more money if accept the promotion. (future continuous tense)

19. She hasn’t made coffee yet, has she? (present perfect tense — negative)

20. Ron called to say that he can’t make the meeting this afternoon. (can — negative)


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