Purple Level Quiz #15: come (ANSWERS)  write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “come” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. The mail comes everyday at about two in the afternoon. (present tense)

2. Yasmin doesn’t come to class anymore. (present tense — negative)

3. The president of China, Hu Jintao, is coming to the United States this week. (present continuous tense)

4. Will you come to my party next week? (future tense)

5. Irina and I are going to the market, and Katy wants to come with us . (infinitive)

6. When our refund came, we used the money to buy some new furniture. (past tense)

7. Please come home as soon as possible. (imperative form)

8. Our next-door neighbor has never come over to our house. (present perfect tense)

9. Lydia didn’t come to class on time today. (past tense — negative)

10. Edward’s parents will be coming for a visit next week. (future continuous tense)

11. If they had come to the performance earlier, they would have found a place to sit down. (past perfect tense)

12. Coming to the United States is a difficult process for some people. (gerund)

13. The package we’re waiting for might come today. (might)

14. The package might have come already. Go check. (might — past tense)

15. Jennifer came through her heart operation without any problems. (past tense)

16. The bike we bought didn’t come with any assembly instructions in the box. (past tense — negative)

17. Don stopped coming to our house after we got a dog. He’s allergic to dog hair. (gerund)

18. A big snowstorm is going to come this evening. (“going to” future tense)

19. My sister won’t be able to come over until tomorrow. (will + be able to + come — negative)

20. Why don’t you come to visit us more often? (present tense — negative)


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