Purple Level Quiz #17: say  (ANSWERS) write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “say” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. What does that sign say? (present tense)

2. Mary said she would finish her homework after dinner. (past tense)

3. The teacher has said a lot of nice things about her students. (present perfect tense)

4.Saying you’re going to do something is not the same thing as actually doing it. (gerund)

5. What is she trying to say? (infinitive)

6. Dan was saying something when he was interrupted by a phone call. (past continuous tense)

7. Do you remember what was said at the meeting? (past tense, passive voice)

8. The newspaper doesn’t say anything about the accident. (present tense — negative)

9. Bina will probably say she already has a boyfriend if you try to ask her out. (future tense)

10. The man sitting next to me on the plane didn’t say a single word during the trip. (past tense — negative)

11. Does Tim know what he is going to say when he meets with the President? (“going to” future tense)

12. Much has been said and written about the tragic events of that day. (present perfect tense, passive voice)

13. I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you are saying. (present continuous tense)

14. Should we say something to our parents about what happened? (should)

15. She can’t say anything right now because she lost her voice. (can — negative)

16. The clock says it’s a quarter after eight. (present tense)

17. What did he say in his defense? (past tense)

18. What were you going to say? (be going to — past)

19. This is said to be a good restaurant. (present tense, passive voice)

20. I don’t know what to say in that situation. (infinitive)


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