Purple Level Quiz #18: tell  (ANSWERS)  write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “tell” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. What did he tell you? (past tense)

2. How do you tell the difference between the twin girls? (present tense)

3. She is telling everyone about her new job. (present continuous tense)

4. Telling the time in English is an important thing to learn. (gerund)

5. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I have to quit my job. (infinitive)

6. What is your body telling you about your smoking? (present continuous tense)

7. Can I tell you a secret? (can)

8. Henry has told his coworkers a lot of lies about his past. (present perfect tense)

9. Your supervisor will tell you what to do. (future tense)

10. Veronica has been telling everyone that she’s engaged. (present perfect continuous tense)

11. The employees were told to go home early today. (past tense, passive voice)

12. Before he was fired, Nelson had been told several times not to show up late for work. (past perfect tense, passive voice)

13. Everyone can tell that he likes her. (can)

14. The students are being told to enter the room quietly. (present continuous tense, passive voice)

15. Luke didn’t tell his wife about the fight he got into at work. (past tense — negative)

16. This watch doesn’t tell time very well. (present tense — negative)

17. Have you told your brother what happened to his guitar? (present perfect tense)

18. Your teacher told me that you did very well on your last test. (past tense)

19. Please, tell us the truth. (imperative form)

20. Tom’s children weren’t told about the time he spent in prision. (past tense, passive voice — negative)


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