Purple Level Quiz #21:  play (ANSWERS)   write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “play” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. Rocco plays soccer on the weekends. (present tense)

2. The movie we want to see is playing at the movie theater down the street. (present continuous tense)

3. Juan’s five-year-old son, Jorge, didn’t play outside today because he’s sick. (past tense — negative)

4. Let’s play Monopoly! (simple form)

5. She keeps playing the same song over and over again. (gerund)

6. The slowing economy played a big part in their decision to lay off workers. (past tense)

7. How many different positions has he played on that team? (present perfect tense)

8. Amanda had never played the flute before last week, but she’s already good at it. (past perfect tense)

9. The best member of our team wasn’t playing today. That’s why we lost. (past continuous tense — negative)

10. He can’t play the piano very well. (can — negative)

11. A big hockey tournament is being played outside today. (present continuous tense, passive voice)

12. Ali’s mother told him not to play anymore rap music inside the house. (infinitive — negative)

13. Has this guitar ever been played by anyone? (present perfect tense, passive voice)

14. She won’t play with those other girls because she says they’re mean. (future tense — negative)

15. Those toys aren’t played with very much. (present tense, passive voice — negative)

16. How many different roles has Johnny Depp played as an actor? (present perfect tense)

17. My son has been playing the violin since he was only four years old. (present perfect continuous tense)

18. The game must be played with a regulation soccer ball. (must, passive voice)

19. Don’t play your music so loudly! (imperative form — negative)

20. You can tell my guitar hasn’t been played with very much lately because of all the dust on it. (present perfect tense, passive voice — negative)


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