Purple Level Quiz #22:  run  (ANSWERS) write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “run” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. Louisa runs in the Twin Cities Marathon every year. (present tense)

2. The water is running in the kitchen sink. (present continuous tense)

3. Hector didn’t run fast enough to qualify for the track meet. (past tense — negative)

4. Rep. Mary Benitez won’t run for re-election to Congress this year. (future tense — negative)

5. We ran our last car into the ground before buying a new one. (past tense)

6. I was running late, so I drove to work this morning instead of taking the bus. (past continuous tense)

7. Does this toy run on batteries? (present tense)

8. Are you going to run to the store later on? (“going to” future tense)

9. They have been running around town all day shopping. (present perfect continuous tense)

10. Bert Jenkins should run for political office. Everyone likes him. (should)

11. She should have run the idea of creating a new department past her boss. (should – past)

12. Baldness in men runs in their family. (present tense)

13. You will have to run a cable from the computer to the router. (have to, future)

14. The buses weren’t running on schedule today. (past continuous tense — negative)

15. The company will be run under new management. (future tense, passive voice)

16. My car doesn’t run very well anymore. (present tense — negative)

17. To avoid running out of space, you should throw a few things out. (gerund)

18. The family’s business was run in such a way that kept everyone happy. (past tense — passive voice)

19. Cynthia won’t be running this machine at work anymore. (future continuous tense — negative)

20. George’s nose has been running all day. (present perfect continuous tense)


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