Purple Level Quiz #3: say vs. tell (ANSWERS)

Directions: Choose the verbs say or tell to complete each sentence or question. Pay close attention to the verb tense and whether or not the passive voice is used.


1. John told me that he wanted to become a doctor someday. (past tense)

2. The teacher said that the students were misbehaving. (past tense)

3. She’s the kind of person who always tells the truth. (present tense)

4. When my son told me a lie, I got really mad. (past tense)

5. What did your boss say to you about coming in late? (past tense)

6. You should say something nice to her about her hair. (present tense with modal verb)

7. We have told them several times not to park their car in that spot. (present perfect tense)

8. Do you know what was said at the meeting yesterday? (past tense, passive voice)

9. He is telling everyone about his new car. (present continuous tense)

10. Bob said the computer he wants to get is too expensive. (past tense)

11. A friend of mine who lives in California says the weather there is nice. (present tense)

12. Can you please tell me what time it is? (present tense with modal verb)

13. What does the newspaper say about the accident? (present tense)

14. They told the mail carrier not to deliver their mail for a few days. (past tense)

15. How many times have we told you to clean up after yourself? (present perfect tense)

16. We were told not to go into that building. (past tense, passive voice)

17. Did you hear what he said? (past tense)

18. My friend tells the funniest stories. (present tense)

19. He said something that was very funny. (past tense)

20. Is there something that you wanted to say to me? (infinitive)


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