Purple Level Quiz #30:   want vs. need   write by hand

Directions: Complete each sentence or question with the verbs “want” or “need.” Some answers are negative, so be sure to include helping verbs when necessary.

1. What do you need to do today? (need, present tense)

2. Sheila wants to go to the movies tonight. (want, present tense)

3. They didn’t want that chair, so they gave it away to someone. (want, past tense, negative)

4. I have always wanted a guitar like this one. (want, present perfect)

5. David and Sara needed to get a new coffee maker because their old one doesn’t work. (need, past tense)

6. Some students need a little prodding in order for them to get their work done on time. (need, present tense)

7. You will need to place this order now to receive it before school starts. (need, future tense)

8. How long does this pizza need to bake? (need, present tense)

9. Do you want to download that file now or do it later? (want, present tense)

10. Don’t they need to get married? (need, present tense, negative)

11. If she wants that car so badly, she’ll have to save money for it. (want, present tense)

12. How much money does Theresa need in order to open her business? (need, present tense )

13. Who wants to go outside for class today? (want, present tense)

14. If we put on this event, we will need to order enough food for everyone. (need, future tense)

15. Why didn’t Charles need to bring his backpack to school this morning? (need, past tense, negative)

16. I wanted to help them, but they refused my offer. (want, past tense)

17. What did you want? (want, past tense)

18. Why doesn’t she want to get a new job if she’s so unhappy where she is? (want, present tense, negative)

19. Is this what he wants? (want, present tense)

20. You won’t want to miss the next episode of the show. (want, future tense, negative)


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