Purple Level Quiz #4: be (ANSWERS)

Directions: Put the verb “be” into the correct tense.

1. She is a good student. (present tense)

2. Was she a good student last year? (past tense)

3. She will be a good student next year. (future tense)

4. This has been an interesting experience. (present perfect tense)

5. We will have been married for 20 years by this time next year. (future perfect tense)

6. My kids are being so nice today! (present continuous tense)

7. They were being naughty yesterday. (past continuous tense)

8. He had been a doctor for several years before he changed careers. (past perfect tense)

9. The movie should be over in about ten minutes. (modal verb: should)

10. They should have been here by now. (modal verb: should, past tense)

11. You have to be at work by 8:30. (idiomatic modal verb: have to)

12. My friends weren’t able to be at the wedding because they couldn’t find a flight to New York. (idiomatic modal verb: be able to, past tense, negative)

13. Everyone we know from work was at the party. (past tense)

14. These new tires have been great in the snow. (present perfect)

15. She wants to be an actress someday. (infinitive)

16. He got fired for being late. (gerund)

17. The police came whenever we were in trouble. (past tense)

18. This baseball game might be exciting. (modal verb: might)

19. It’s a good idea to be ready for an emergency. (infinitive)

20. My boss is being very understanding. (present continuous tense)


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