Purple Level Quiz #5: go (ANSWERS)

Directions: Put the verb “go” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. He goes to a very good school. (present tense)

2. She went shopping last night. (past tense)

3. I will go to the post office this afternoon. / I am going to go to the post office this afternoon. (future tense)

4. They have gone without electricity for several days. (present perfect tense)

5. My wife and I are going down to the hotel lobby to get some coffee. (present continuous tense)

6. That car was going too fast before it came to the curve and wiped out. (past continuous tense)

7. Rachel will be going to the dance with Joe this weekend. (future continuous tense)

8. The survivors of the earthquake had gone without water for three days before they were saved. (past perfect tense)

9. How long have you been going to that doctor? (present perfect continuous tense)

10. Am I going the right way, or should I turn around? (present continuous tense)

11. You can go into the store now. It’s open. (modal verb: can)

12. Jennifer isn’t able to go because she’s working. (idiomatic modal verb: be able to, negative)

13. You should go to a doctor and get that cough checked out. (modal verb: should)

14. Her new car doesn’t go very fast. (present tense, negative)

15. My brother wants to go to China someday. (infinitive)

16. Did you go to that concert last night? (past tense)

17. Where does the information go on this form? (present tense)

18. This game isn’t going very well for the home team. (present continuous tense, negative)

19. Where has all the time gone? We have to leave. (present perfect tense)

20. Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do. (gerund)


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