Purple Level Quiz #6: get (ANSWERS)

Directions: Put the verb “get” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. Our teacher gets to school early in the morning. (present tense)

2. He got mad at his friends because they laughed at him. (past tense)

3. You will get your food in about ten minutes / You are going to get your food in about ten minutes. (future tense)

4. My wife has gotten everything she ever wanted. (present perfect tense)

5. It is getting dark. We should go inside. (present continuous tense)

6. George’s son has been getting bad grades in school. (present perfect continuous tense)

7. We will be getting a new computer soon. / We are going to be getting a new computer soon. (future continuous tense)

8. What kind of salary does he get at his job? (present tense)

9. Matt didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning. (past tense, negative)

10. Is the sun getting in your eyes? (present continuous tense)

11. Why can’t you get any time off from work? (modal verb: can, negative)

12. They have to get a new microwave because their old one broke. (idiomatic modal verb: have to)

13. The students noticed their teacher was getting angry, so they stopped talking. (past continuous tense)

14. How many pounds of chicken did you get at the store? (past tense)

15. My fingers kept getting cut by the thorns on the braches, so I put on some gloves. (gerund)

16. She likes to get to work before everyone else. (infinitive)

17. You must get hot under that heavy uniform. (modal verb: must)

18. The movie got boring, so we left early. (past tense)

19. If he hadn’t gotten that job, he would have needed to move in with his parents. (past perfect tense, negative)

20. Getting to the airport in time for our flight is going to be difficult. (gerund)


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