Purple Level Quiz #7: put  WRITE

Directions: Put the verb “put” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. We __________ our garbage outside every Thursday so that it can be collected. (present tense)

2. Where __________ she _________ her keys? (past tense)

3. _______ you __________ the money in the bank? (future tense)

4. How much time __________ they __________ into this project? (present perfect tense)

5.   you ____________________ your car into the garage? (present continuous tense)

6. _________ your wife ____________________ more hours in at work this week? (present perfect continuous tense)

7. Our neighbors ________________________ an addition onto their house. (future continuous tense)

8. Don’t forget _________________ a jacket on before we leave the house. It might get cold later on. (infinitive)

9. Try ____________________ the car into a lower gear when you drive through the snow. (gerund)

10. Where ___________ we ____________ our furniture? (modal verb: should)

11. Sarah ____________ three gallons of ice cream into the freezer when she returned from the store. (past tense)

12. I ____________________ more effort into my job these days. (present continuous tense)

13. A man ____________________ into handcuffs by the police. (past tense, passive voice)

14. Bill ____________________ a lot of weight on since last year. (present perfect tense)

15. The city _______________________ new playground equipment into the park this spring. (modal verb: might)

16. Do you know how _________________ this machine together? (infinitive)

17. He ______________ on some gloves because his fingers were cold. (past tense)

18. Joey ______________ a hat on whenever he goes outside. (present tense)

19. __________ you ____________ new batteries into the camera? (present continuous tense)

20. Our baby keeps ________________ small objects into her mouth, so we have to watch her. (gerund)


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