2. The police were called to the scene of a crime last night.

police car


The police were called to the scene of a crime last night. Apparently, there was a burglary committed in a house down the street. Someone broke into the house late at night when the homeowners were gone. Many valuable items were stolen from the house.

None of the neighbors saw who did it. The burglars came and left very quickly. A TV and a computer were stolen. There was also some missing jewelry, and about $500 were taken from inside of a bedroom.

Normally this is a quiet, safe neighborhood, but now everyone who lives here is very concerned by what has happened. Some people who live on this street have decided to get new, stronger locks installed on their doors. Others said the streets need to be patrolled by the police more often in order to discourage theft.

Now you try it. Read the paragraphs above and recored your voice:


  • 1A: What happened last week?
  • 1B: A burglary was _______ in a house down the street.
  • 2A: Were the homeowners there at the time?
  • 2B: No, the homeowners were ______.
  • 3A: Was anything stolen?
  • 3B: Yes, a computer and a TV were _______.
  • 4A: Was there any money taken?
  • 4B: Yes, about _______ were taken.
  • 5A: Did the neighbors find out about the burglary?
  • 5B: Yes, and they are very __________.

(1. committed; 2. gone; 3. stolen; 4. $500; 5. concerned.)

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