He caught a very large fish.

fisherman in boat

He’s fishing from a boat.

 rod and reel

This is a rod and reel.

   hook and worm

Worms are often put on a hook and used as bait.

Large worms are called night crawlers.


This is a lure.


This is a bobber.


Freshwater fish taste very good!

ice fishing

Brrrrr! He’s ice fishing.

fishing shack

He’s fishing from inside a fishing shack.


bait: food that attracts a fish. The word "bait" can be used as a noun or as a verb.

cast: to throw a fishing line into the water with the assistance of a rod and a reel.

hook: a small piece of metal with a sharp end used for catching fish.

snag: catch; get.

taxidermist: a person who preserves animals that have been caught by a hunter or a fisherman.


Fishing is a popular outdoor sport in the United States. Many people go fishing because it’s a challenge to catch a big fish; others go fishing because they like to eat what they catch. Whatever the reason, fishing is a sport that people of all ages can participate in.

A person who goes fishing is called a fisherman. Some fishermen are professionals. They can make a living by harvesting fish from lakes and oceans. Amateur fishermen are in it for the sport and the thrill of catching fish. There’s always the challenge of trying to catch a really big fish.

After you catch a fish, you can do one of three things: you can throw it back and let it live another day; you can take it home and eat it after it’s cleaned and filleted (remove the intestines, cut off the head and fins, and cut the meat from the bones). Or, you can mount the fish on your wall at home if it’s large enough and worth the cost of having a taxidermist preserve the fish.

The easiest way to catch a fish is to bait your hook with a worm. Once a worm is put on the end of a hook, the fishing line is cast into the water with a rod and a reel. A bobber keeps the baited hook afloat in the water and when the bobber moves, it indicates that the fish is trying to eat the bait. Immediately, the fisherman pulls back on the rod to snag the fish with the hook.

Another popular way of attracting fish involves the use of lures. Many lures are metal and have hooks in them. After a fisherman casts a lure into the water, he slowly reels it in, giving the lure the appearance of movement. Big fish mistake the lure for a smaller fish and might try to bite it as it passes through the water. The unlucky fish that thought it was going after food gets a hook in the mouth instead.

While fishing, the most exciting moment comes when it feels as though the bait or the lure has been taken by the fish. It’s at that moment that a fisherman lifts up his fishing rod to determine if a fish has been caught. If so, the lucky fisherman reels in the catch, slowly and carefully so as not to lose it. If the fish is really big, a net is used to bring the fish out of the water.

Fishing is a very popular sport in Minnesota. Some people even go fishing during the winter. This is called ice fishing. It’s very easy to do. You just drill a hole through the ice and drop your line into the water.

Some people do their fishing from inside a fishing shack. A fishing shack looks like a small house that sits on top of a frozen lake. It provides protection from the cold weather. Fishing shacks are usually very simple one-room structures; however, some have all the comforts of home, such as a couch or even a TV.

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