2. Donna and Bill had lunch together yesterday


Donna and Bill had lunch together yesterday. They’re both in the same Spanish class, so after class was over, they went out to eat at a restaurant. Donna ordered a big plate of french fries and Bill ordered a hamburger. They shared a milkshake.

Bill helps Donna with her Spanish. He’s a very good student, and he learns new things very quickly. He likes helping Donna because she’s a very nice person, and he hopes to go out with her more often.

Donna needs to spend more time studying, but she works in the evenings and sometimes she doesn’t have enough time to study. She doesn’t always understand the teacher because the teacher speaks entirely in Spanish and sometimes he speaks too quickly.

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Now you try it. Read the paragraph above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice. Then click on "Play" and compare your recording to mine.


How much do you remember from the reading? Fill in the blanks.  

  • 1A: What did Donna and Bill do yesterday?
  • 1B: They _____ lunch together.
  • 2A: What _____ Donna order?
  • 2B: She ordered a big plate of french fries.
  • 3A: What did they share?
  • 3B: They ______ a milkshake.
  • 4A: Does Bill like helping Donna with her Spanish?
  • 4B: Yes, he _____.
  • 5A: What does Donna need to do?
  • 5B: She ______ to spend more time studying.

(1. had; 2. did; 3. shared; 4. does; 5. needs)

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