Vocabulary and Reading Exercise #5

 Directions: Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

1. Robert is a very generous person. Whenever his friends ask to borrow money, he __________ it to them.

a. borrowsb. lendsc. takesd. saves

2. One of my favorite tools to use is an adjustable wrench. If it doesn’t quite fit the nut or bolt I’m trying to unloosen, I can

a. break it.b. fix it.c. change the size.d. change the handle.

3. Sarah wore a sweatshirt to school, but then the temperature rose quickly in the afternoons and she

a. took it off.b. sold it.c. gave it to someone else.d. threw it away.

4. Bill and Melinda are celebrating their first decade of marriage. Each year Bill gives his wife one rose for each year that they have been married. This year he gave her __________ flowers.

a. fiveb. onec. twod. ten

5. Many birds fly south in the winter and return to the __________ in the spring.

a. eastb. westc. northd south

6. On our way to Chicago, there was a detour. It took __________ to reach our destination.

a. longerb. shorterc. easierd. more difficult

7. John’s mother-in-law wants to surprise his wife, Carol, with a birthday party this year. His mother-in-law is _________.

a. Carol’s mother.b. John’s mother.c. his lawyer’s mother.d. his father’s mother.

8. Some school children visiting the Mall of America were very excited when they heard it has an amusement park. The looked forward to going on _____________.

a. the stores.b. the rides.c. the bus.d. the trees.

9. Early colonists in the United States arrived in large ships that took several weeks to cross the ____________.

a. country.b. continent.c. Atlantic Ocean.d. Pacific Ocean.

10. While I was riding my bike the other day, I had to stop quickly to __________ hitting a squirrel that ran in front of me.

a. keepb. tryc. avoidd. stop


1. b
2. c
3. a
4. d
5. c
6. a
7. a
8. b
9. c
10. c