1. Christine is a photographer



 Christine is a photographer. She’s been a professional photographer for the last three years. She works for a nature magazine and travels all over the world taking pictures of animals.


 To increase her chances of getting a good job, Christine went to college for four years and received a bachelor’s degree in photography. She also studied Spanish and French because she wanted to work in Spanish and French-speaking countries.

This is Christine.

 Christine is also interested in making documentary films. She wants to spend a few months in a Colombian rainforest and make a film about the animals, insects, plants, and people that live there. She thinks filmmaking is one way to help save rainforests that are being destroyed.


  • 1A: What does Christine do?
  • 1B: She’s a ____________.
  • 2A: Who does she work _____?
  • 2B: She works ______ a nature magazine.
  • 3A: How many years ______ she go to college?
  • 3B: She _______ for four years.
  • 4A: Which languages did she ________?
  • 4B: She studied Spanish and French.
  • 5A: What else is she interested in doing?
  • 5B: She’s interested in ________ documentary films.

(1. photographer; 2. for / for; 3. did / went; 4. study; 5. making)

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