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 1. Christine is a photographer

 2. Joe wants to play baseball

 3. Bill works as a handyman

 4. Christine and Tom like to go sailing

 5. Jessica and Al are buying a house

 6. Barb and Don recycle

 7. A good diet and regular exercise should keep you healthy

 8. Spencer has been riding a skateboard for many years.

9. Richard Ryan is stuck in traffic.

10. Janice is a careful shopper.

11. Janice plays the cello.

12. Laura got a bike for her birthday.

13. Miguel moved to the United States from Brazil.

14. Let's order a pizza.

15. George is taking his employees out for lunch.

16. Katie gets a two-week school vacation.

17. Kevin wants to become a basketball player.

18. The students were not very cooperative.

19. Tammy gets along with everyone.

20. Oscar and Angela are dating.

21. Living in the city can be interesting and fun.

22. Do you want to go to college in the United States?

23. The holiday season is upon us.

24. Do you like to fly?

25. It's the election season.

26. Sylvia wants to buy a used car.




1. Christine is a photographer



     Christine is a photographer. She's been a professional photographer for the last three years. She works for a nature magazine and travels all over the world taking pictures of animals.


     To increase her chances of getting a good job, Christine went to college for four years and received a bachelor's degree in photography. She also studied Spanish and French because she wanted to work in Spanish and French-speaking countries.

This is Christine.

     Christine is also interested in making documentary films. She wants to spend a few months in a Colombian rainforest and make a film about the animals, insects, plants, and people that live there. She thinks filmmaking is one way to help save rainforests that are being destroyed.


  • 1A: What does Christine do?
  • 1B: She's a ____________.
  • 2A: Who does she work _____?
  • 2B: She works ______ a nature magazine.
  • 3A: How many years ______ she go to college?
  • 3B: She _______ for four years.
  • 4A: Which languages did she ________?
  • 4B: She studied Spanish and French.
  • 5A: What else is she interested in doing?
  • 5B: She's interested in ________ documentary films.

(1. photographer; 2. for / for; 3. did / went; 4. study; 5. making)


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