27. Boris is thinking about quitting his job.


Boris has worked for the same company for over ten years. That’s a long time to work for the same place. Lately, however, he’s been thinking about doing something else. He wants a job that is more challenging, more interesting, and closer to home. He also wants to make more money.

Boris This is Boris.

 The place where he works now, International Foods, is a good company, and it has a good reputation as an employer. It’s been in business in St. Paul for over fifty years. When Boris first started at the company, he was involved with food preparation, making sandwiches and doing deliveries. He was quickly promoted to better paying jobs with higher salaries because he worked so hard. Now, Boris is a supervisor and oversees a staff of over 30 people! Boris figures he could probably stay at the company for many more years, but this seems like the right time to make a transition to a new job.

   In the city and state where he lives, the unemployment rate is very low. Now is a good time to look for a new job. The worst time to look for a new job is when the unemployment rate is high. Without a lot of competition from other job seekers, Boris believes his chances of finding a good job near his home are quite good.

 Boris has been working on his resume. It’s been a long time since he’s had to send resumes to prospective employers. He took a class through a community education program that helps people make transitions to new employment. Without the class, Boris doesn’t think he would have been able to put together a good resume. Now he feels more confident with a resume that looks polished and professional.

 Change is hard for some people. For Boris it’s particularly difficult. He would like things to stay the same. He also feels a sense of loyalty to a company that has treated him so well, but with a family to support and a mortgage payment, he realizes his future needs will outgrow his salary very soon. Almost all of his friends and family know that Boris is looking for a new job. They all wish him the best of luck as he seeks new employment. Good luck, Boris!

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