5. Jessica and Al are buying a house.



Jessica and Al

Jessica, Al, and their baby

single family home

a one-story rambler



Jessica and Al are buying a house. They’ve lived in an apartment for the last four years, but now that they have a baby, they think they need more space, so they’ve made an offer on a house, and the offer was accepted.

After looking for a few months, they found a three-bedroom rambler that they are able to afford. It has a big kitchen, a fireplace, two large bathrooms, a full basement, and a two-car garage. It also has a covered deck, so they can sit outside, even when it rains.

The price for the house was $209,000 when they first looked at it. That was too much for them to pay. Then the sellers lowered the price to $189,900. Suddenly, the house seemed affordable. They offered $185,000 and their offer was accepted.

They estimate their monthly mortgage payment will be about $1,400. That includes the cost for insurance and property taxes.

They’ll move in at the end of the month after they attend the closing. The closing is the time at which they sign all the necessary documents and agreements for purchasing the house. They’re a little nervous, but they believe that this is a good decision for their family.


closing: a meeting during which ownership of a house is transferred from seller to buyer. The buyer(s) can move into the house after the closing.

afford = to be able to buy or pay for something

rambler = a one-story house. This style was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but some new houses are still built in this style. See the picture of the house to the right? That’s a rambler.

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Now you try it. Read the story. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice.


How much do you remember from the reading? Fill in the blanks.  

write by hand

  • 1. Jessica and Al _______ _________ in an apartment for the last four years.
  • 2. They need more ____________ for their family.
  • 3.  They estimate the monthly mortgage payment will be about ____________.
  • 4. Before they move into the house, they have to attend a _____________.
  • 5. They think that buying this house is a good ________.
  • (ANSWERS: 1. have lived; 2. space; 3. $1400; 4. closing; 5. decision.)

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