8. Spencer has been riding a skateboard for many years.



man on skateboard



as: at the same time

cautious: careful

hangout: to spend time with friends

pivot: turn

steep: a sharp incline or decline in height

stick with / stuck with: = to continue doing something

under one’s belt: to have experience

wheelie: riding on one or two rear wheels while lifting the front off of the ground

wipe out: to fall down or have an accident



Spencer has been riding a skateboard for many years. He started when he was thirteen years old, and he’s been doing it ever since. Now he’s twenty, and he has a lot of experience under his belt. His friends have also stuck with it, and many of them are quite good at skateboarding.

Spencer knows how to do a lot of different tricks on his skateboard. He can do wheelies, pivot, and slide down railings. He also knows how to do ollies and kickflip the skateboard while he is riding on it. In the area where he lives, there are many hills. He can ride down a steep hill very quickly and stop the skateboard whenever necessary. All of these things he can do after years of practice and experience.

Unfortunately, Spencer had a bad accident a couple of years ago as he was riding his skateboard to a class. A car hit him as he was going through an intersection. He broke his right leg and had cuts and bruises all over his body. He was taken to the hospital where he remained for three days before being released. It just goes to show that anyone can wipe out on a skateboard–even someone with as much experience as he has.

Now that he’s in college, Spencer doesn’t have as much time to hangout with his friends and go to the skate park, but he still uses the skateboard for transportation. He’s a little more cautious these days due to the accident and his memory of being hospitalized, yet he refuses to let that prevent him from doing something that he loves.

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