Reporting on and responding to new information:

DebraDebra: I have a new car.
edEd: You do?
womanDebra: Yes, I do.
edEd: That’s great.

Asking about a place to live on planet Earth:

(past tense)

Zeinab: Where did you live?
Leonardo and Yanide: We lived in the Dominican Republic.
Zeinab: How did you like living in your country?
Leonardo and Yanide: We loved it.
Zeinab: How was the weather there?
Leonardo and Yanide: It was usually warm and sunny. We miss living there.
Asking about a place to live in the United States:
Masoud: What city do you live in?
Fereshteh: I live in Portland. It’s a great place!
Masoud: I hear it’s a nice place to live.
Fereshteh: How about you? Where do you live?
Masoud: Well…right now, I’m living in Chicago, but I’m going to move to Seattle in a month or two?
Fereshteh: Seattle? That’s not too far from Portland!
Talking about English and living in the U.S.:
Michael: How much English do you know?
Vadim: I know a lot. I studied English for three years in Ukraine, and I moved to the United States two years ago.
Michael: Wow! You probably speak English very well.

Vadim: Yes, but I still have to study every day and learn more vocabulary.

What kind of work do you?

Michael: I’m a doctor. How about yourself?
Vadim: I’m an engineer.
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