Choose It or They

The words "it" and "they" are pronouns that substitute for nouns. In this exercise, choose "it" or "they" to refer to a noun that appears previously.

Example: The children are playing.  They are having fun.

1. The TV is on. Please turn _______ off.

2. The pizza is ready. Be careful, ________ might be hot.

3. The cars are expensive because ________ came from Germany.

4. If you see the movie, don’t tell me how ________ends.

5. We wanted to buy some apples, but _________ looked rotten.

6. I followed his directions; however, _________ turned out to be incorrect.

7. Let’s get that furniture if _________ goes on sale.

8. We returned the fruit because __________ didn’t taste right.

9. She didn’t drive to Kansas. __________ would have taken too long.

10. The men are looking for work. Do you think __________ will find jobs here?

11. Did you see all the deer? __________ ran away as soon as we drove by.

12. Our house used to have mice. __________ lived in the basement until we got a cat.

13. The trains finally arrived at the station. _______ often fall behind schedule in the evening.

14. Before you eat the cereal, let __________ cool down a little.

15. After you remove packaging around the medicine tablets, put __________ in the garbage.

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  1. it
  2. it
  3. they
  4. it
  5. they
  6. they
  7. it
  8. It
  9. It
  10. they
  11. They (The word "deer" is plural.)
  12. They
  13. They
  14. it
  15. it

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