go + verb

Directions: Complete each sentence or question with the verb "go" plus another verb in the simple form. Choose from the verbs provided below to complete each sentence or question:

Example: Let’s ___________________ something to eat. (Answer: go get)

 Let’s go get something to eat.

eat  see  visit  work meet  pick up  get  live  make  play   exercise

1. John went to _______________ our pizza. He’ll be right back.

2. Do you want to ________________ a movie later today?

3. She should _______________ a job if she needs extra money.

4. Ahmed wants to ____________________ in the United States.

5. _______________ yourself a sandwich if you’re hungry.

6. Tanya went to _______________ her grandmother in Chicago.

7. Let’s _______________ the band after they finish performing.

8. The kids can’t _______________ football until after they do their homework.

9. Where do you want to _______________ lunch today?

10. Carla left to _______________ on her project with the other students.


  1. go pick up
  2. go see
  3. go get
  4. go live
  5. Go make
  6. go visit
  7. go meet
  8. go play
  9. go eat
  10. go work