used to / be used to

Directions: Complete each sentence or question with "used to" or "be used to." If "be used to" is your choice, pay close attention to the verb tense for the verb "be."

Example: He ___________________ getting up early every day. (Answer: is used to)

1. She ____________________ work as a waitress when she lived in Colombia.

2. They _______________________ speaking English. (negative)

3. Mike never _________________________ drink tea, but now he does.

4. As a young girl, Thelma ______________________ walk three miles to school every day.

5. You _____________________________ the cold weather in a year or two.

6. I ______________________________ having coffee when I wake up in the morning.

7. Who ________________________ be your teacher?

8. The students _____________________________ their new teacher yet. (negative)

9. She _____________________________ eating spicy food. (negative)

10. Where __________ you ___________________ live?


  1. used to
  2. aren’t used to
  3. used to
  4. used to
  5. will be used to
  6. am used to
  7. used to
  8. aren’t used to
  9. isn’t used to
  10. did…..used to