Many / Much / Any

Exercise 1: Asking Questions with much, many, or any

1. How ______ apples are there on the table?

2. How ______ water is in the glass?

3. Do you know how ______ people are going to be at the party?

4. How _______ students came to class yesterday?

5. How _______ traffic was there on the highway?

6. Does he know how ______ money he needs to go to college?

7. Are there _______ customers in the store?

8. How ________ rice did you make?

9. Do you know how _______ it costs to take the bus?

10. Is there _______ room on the bus for me to sit down?

Exercise 2:  Negative + much, many, or any.

1. There aren’t ______ students in class today. (small amount)

2. There isn’t _______ water in this glass. (small amount)

3. There aren’t ______ apples in the basket. (zero)

4. She doesn’t have very _______ friends. (small amount)

5. My gas tank is empty. I don’t have ______ gas. (zero)

6. Those homeless people don’t have _______ money. They’re very poor. (zero)

7. I didn’t know ______ people at the party . I talked to just a few of my friends. (small amount)

8. There isn’t _______ snow this January in Minnesota. There are only a few inches. (small amount)

9. The computer never makes ______ mistakes, but people who use computers frequently do. (zero)

10. There wasn’t ________ business today at the restaurant, so I left early. (small amount)

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