Red Level Lesson 25: Opposite Adjectives

Part A.

Directions: Write the adjective that completes each sentence.

Example: Is she an interesting person? —–> No, she’s boring.


1. Is it cold outside? —–> No, it’s hot.

2. Are they certain about their decision? —–> No, they’re unsure.

3. Was she calm when the doctor told her the news? —-> No, she was nervous.

4. Is your baby awake? —–> No, he’s asleep.

5. Is your teacher kind? —–> No, she’s very cruel.

6. Did you wake up early this morning? —–> No, I woke up late. (This is an adverb)

7. Is the ground wet? —–> No, it’s dry.

8. Does that line look like it’s straight? —–> No, it looks crooked.

9. Is the meat tender? —–> No, it’s a little tough.

10. Do you like bitter chocolate? —–> No, I like chocolate that’s sweet.

11. Do I turn left here? —–> No, take a right.

12. Is your grandmother healthy? —–> No, she’s sick.

13. Are those kids happy? —–> No, they’re sad.

14. Is his girlfriend fat? —–> No, she’s thin.

15. Do you like soft music? —–> No, I like music that’s extremely loud.

16. Is the school near your house? —–> No, it’s pretty far.

17. Was the test easy? —–> No, it was difficult.

18. Does she like to wear tight jeans? —–> No, she likes jeans that feel loose.

19. Is this club open to the public? —–> No, it’s a private club.

20. Is it normal to be this warm in January? —–> No, it’s very strange.


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