Lesson Five

Questions with “do”

Do I teach English?

(Answer: Yes, you do.)

teacher I

Do you speak English?

(Answer: Yes, I do.)

Where do you go to school?

(Answer: I go to school at the university.)

sokentheary  you

Does he like books?

(Yes, he does.)

boy reading

Does she like her hairstyle?

(Yes, she does.)

What color does she like?

(She likes purple.)


Does the goat have food?

(No, it doesn’t.

It needs some food.)


Do we go to school everyday?

(Yes, we do.)

What do we do in class?

(We learn English)

  teacher I

sokentheary  you

Do you go to school everyday?

(Yes, we do.)

What do you study?

(We study English.)


Do they like ice cream?

(Yes, they do.)

Where do they go when it’s hot outside?

(They go to the beach.)

ice cream eating

Practice writing questions and answers in the present tense

Present tense questions with the verb “do” are made two ways:

1. Yes-No Questions:

Q: Do you want some water?

A: No, I don’t.

In this first example, “do” is the helping verb, and “want” is the main verb. Use “do” or “does,” depending on the subject.


Q: Does he want to see that movie?

A: Yes, he does.

The verb “do” is often an answer to a yes-no question.

Here’s a video:

2. Questions for information:

Q: Where does he live?

A: He lives in Minnesota.

Incorrect: He does live in Minnesota.

Q: What do you do for a living? (What is your job?)

A: I’m a cook.

In this example, “do” + “do” make a question.

The answer does not require the verb “do.”

I am a cook. — uses the verb “be.”

If you need more practice making information questions in the present tense, click here.



These sentences and questions are all in the present tense. Use the correct helping verb.

The main verb is in parentheses. ( main verb )

Example: ________ she ________ here? (work).

The helping verb is “Does” and the main verb is “work.”

 Does she work here?

Directions: Write this exercise by hand.  write

1. Question: __________ he ______________ his job? (like)

1. Answer: Yes, he _____________.

2. Question: _________ you ____________ any money? (have)

2. Answer: No, I _____________.

3. Question: Where _______ they ________? (live)

3. Answer: They __________ across the street.

4. Question: What _______ you ________? (do)

4. Answer: I __________ at a restaurant. (work)

5. Question: ________ she __________? (drive)

5. Answer: Yes, she ___________.



1. Question: Does he like his job? Answer: Yes, he does.

2. Question: Do you have any money? Answer: No, I don’t.

3. Question: Where do they live? Answer: They live across the street.

4. Question: What do you do? Answer: I work at a restaurant.

5. Question: Does she drive? Answer: Yes, she does.

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