Red Level Quiz #10 – Prepositions (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank space with a preposition. (20 points)

1. I need some help _________ my homework. (with)

2. The class begins _________ 7:30 in the morning. (at)

3. My teacher explained something ________ me. (to or for)

4. The young man bought a ring ________ his girlfriend. (for)

5. It will be very difficult ______ them to finish their project. (for)

6. Is there enought time to get ________ the airport? (to)

7. We try to live ___________ our budget. (within)

8. Let’s sit _________ the shade. (in)

9. Did you buy anything _________ the store? (from)

10. She lives _________ her job. It’s only a mile away. (near)

11. When it started to rain, we went ________ the house. (inside)

12. The store owner swept the sidewalk ___ ________ ____ his store. (in front of)

13. How did you hear __________ the accident? (about)

14. Where can we go _________ the movie is over? (after)

15. There are plenty _________ good oranges at that store. (of)

16. She loves to run her fingers ___________ my hair. (through)

17. Would you like to live ________ the United States? (in)

18. When Que got _______ the bus, he paid the fare. (on)

19. Put your money _________ the vending machine for some candy. (in)

20. They live ________ 2435 E. Oak St. (at)

Part B.

Directions: Fill in the blank with a preposition (20 points)

1. It’s hard to ride a bike __________ the wind. (against)

2. _________ we eat dinner, we have to set the table. (Before)

3. Apple pie is a great desert to eat __________ dinner. (after)

4. Chrissy will see her friends ________ the afternoon. (in)

5. Do you know who this gift is __________? (for)

6. Turn the lights ________ outside. We don’t need them. (off)

7. Please get ______ the car so we can leave. (into)

8. The store employees did a lot of work ______ the customer.(for)

9. I want to go _________ that new restaurant. (to)

10. Did you put the chicken ________ the grill yet? (on)

11. Juan and Rob like to talk _________ sports. (about)

12. The children want to bring _________ some toys on the trip. (along)

13. What do you do ____________ the day? (during)

14. Can you help me __________ this heavy box? (with)

15. There are a lot of people shopping _______ the mall. (at)

16. We get together _______ time _______ time. (from…to)

17. She’s been waiting to see the doctor _______ 2:00. (since)

18. The store is open ______ 9 a.m. ______ 7 p.m. (from…to)

19. We have to take this situation day ________ day. (by)

20. Minnesota is south __________ Canada. (of)


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