Red Level Quiz #7 – Reflexive Pronouns

Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct reflexive pronoun. The subject in each sentence will help you make the correct decision. If you don’t know what to do, review Lesson 20 in the Red Level. (20 points)

1. She hurt _____________ when she fell off of the swing.

2. Try not to blame _____________ for that mistake.

3. I cut ___________ almost every morning when I shave.

4. Did you all enjoy _______________at the party?

5. They are not old enough to dress ________________.

6. He taught ______________ how to play the guitar.

7. I told _____________ that I would get that job, and I did!

8. We entertained ________________ with video games.

9. You’re going to hurt _____________ with that knife.

10. My mother burned _____________ while she was cooking.

11. The cat hurt ____________ when it jumped off the fence.

12. Some girls spend hours looking at _______________ in front of a mirror.

13. The soldier shot _______________ so he could leave Iraq.

14. We need to protect _______________ so I bought a gun.

15. The boy killed _______________ with drugs and alcohol.

(Part A – Continued above)

Part A. (continued)

16. The car is so hi-tech it can drive _______________.

17. Kids, don’t hurt ________________ on the playground.

18. I did the work all by _________________.

19. Give _________________ a round of applause. You all did a good job!

20. Help _________ to some more food.


Part B.

Directions: Write the reflexive pronouns in the singular and plural forms. (10 points)


Answers to Part A:

1. herself  2. yourself     3. myself   4. yourselves   5. themselves   6. himself   7.myself  8. ourselves    9. yourself    10. herself   11. itself  12. themselves   13. himself    14. ourselves  15. himself 16. itself    17. yourselves    18. myself   19. yourselves  20.yourself

Answers to Part B: Refer back to the website, Red Level, Lesson 20.