Red Level Quiz #11 – The Future Tense (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Change the verb from the present tense to the future tense using “will.” (10 points)

1. She’s in New York today.

 She will be in New York tomorrow, too.

2. They’re at home.

 They will be at home this weekend.

3. He does his homework every night.

 He will do his homework tonight after dinner.

4. I really like this movie.

 My friends will probably like this movie, too.

5.  Is there enough time to finish this assignment?

  Will there be enough time to finish this assignment?

6. You don’t see any snow in Florida.

 You won’t see any snow in Florida.

7. Maria goes to a really good school.

 Maria will go to a good school next year also.

8. Where’s the party?

 Where will the party be?

9. How much does a plane ticket cost?

 How much will a plane ticket cost?

10. He has a good time when he goes on vacation.

 He will have a good time on his next vacation.

Part B.

Directions: Change the verb from the past tense to the “going to” future tense. (10 points)

1. We were at church on Sunday.

 We are going to be at church next Sunday, too.

2. They went to a museum yesterday.

 They are going to go to the zoo, tomorrow.

3. Roger didn’t do his laundry yet.

 Roger isn’t going to do it today either.

4. What did they have for breakfast?

 What are they going to have for lunch?

5. How many people were there?

 How many people are there going to be?

6. Was there a good movie showing?

 Is there going to be a good movie showing?

7. Everyone had a good time.

 Everyone is going to have a good time.

8. Boris helped me fix my car.

 Boris is going to help me fix my computer, too.

9. She wasn’t on time for class yesterday.

 She probably isn’t going to be on time today.

10. Shukri did well on her test.

 She is probably going to do well in college.


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