Red Level Quiz #14 – Articles

Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank space with the correct article: “a,” “an,” or “the”

1. ___The___ person we hired to paint __the___ south side of our house did a bad job.

2. We sold ___the__ car we bought last year.

3. She needs ___a___ new job.

4. __An / The__ orange was found on ___the___ ground.

5. This chair has ___a___ stain on it.

6. ___The__ manager of our team told us we have ______ practice game this weekend.

7. ___The__ cheese in the refrigerator has ___a___ little mold on it.

8. You should take ___a___ vacation on ___an___ island in the Caribbean sometime. It’s very relaxing.

9. New York is called “___the___ Big Apple,” but does it have ___a___ different nickname?

10. Did you call ____the__ guy who wants to sell us _____a____ new furnace?


Part B.

Directions: Fill in the blank with “the” or no article. ( –)

1. We heard about the accident on ___the___ radio.

2. The golden days of _______ radio are in the past, but it might become popular once again.

3. I love ___the___ sound of ____the____ ocean.

4. Human beings need ______ water to survive on other planets.

5. Have you ever seen __the____ Mississippi River?

Part B (continued)

6. How many _______ geese were there in the park?

7. Several members of __the__ police department attended the ceremony.

8. Her ice cream cone fell in ___the____ dirt.

9. His family visited ___the____ United States last year.

10. Did you read about ___the___ robbery in ____the___ newspaper?


Part C.

Directions: Fill in the blank with “a” or no article ( — )

1. Do you have time for ___a___ beer?

2. This is your _________ last warning.

3. There was _____a____ tornado warning on TV.

4. You can save money on rent if you find ________ roommates.

5. The state is building ____a____ road barrier on this part of the highway.

6. She’s going to need some ______ personal attention.

7. Did you see ____a____ farm stand by the side of the road?

8. They need to buy______ farm equipment for their farm.

9. That restaurant serves _______ good food.

10. We found ____a____ good restaurant when we visited ___a__ suburb of Detroit.


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