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Writing Exercise #2: the past tense

Part A – Write questions and answers in the past tense.


* Sue (go) shopping yesterday.

Question: When did Sue go shopping?

Answer: She went shopping yesterday.

1. * Helen (have) a chicken sandwich for lunch.

Question: What did Helen have for lunch?

Answer: She had a chicken sandwich.

2. * Jim (leave) an hour ago.

Question: When did Jim leave?

Answer: He left an hour ago.

3. * They (go) to a movie.

Question: Where did they go?

Answer: They went to a movie.

4. * Matt (call) John.

Question: Who did Matt call?

Answer: He called John.

5. * The flight (take) two hours.

Question: How long did the flight take?

Answer: It took two hours.


Part B – Write questions and answers in the past tense: The subject for each question is "you." The subject for each answer is "I."


* I (go) to school every day.

Question: Where do you go every day?

Answer: I go to school.

1. * I (work) at a restaurant last year

Question: Where did you work last year?

Answer: I worked at a restaurant.

2. * I (do) the dishes this morning.

Question: When did you do the dishes?

Answer: I did the dishes this morning.

3. * I (get) a package.

Question: What did you get?

Answer: I got a package.

4. * I (watch) the news last night.

Question: What did you watch last night?

Answer: I watched the news.

5. * I (see) Dr. Johnson.

Question: Who did you see?

Answer: I saw Dr. Johnson.

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