I am a university professor and have been working for more than 15 years with other universities and companies outside Brazil, so I need to use english language a lot.
The sad side of this story is that I never had the opportunity to study english formally. It happens because I need to work many hours a day to have a good income and take care of my family.
I would like to share this story with you, because I have tried to find a good method to learn english by myself and I never found it until to discover your website.
I really do not have a word to say how grateful I am for your amazing job.
Next July I will go to teach strategy, my field of research, in Germany. I am very confident that all your classes will help me to achieve this important goal in my professional live.
All the best to you!

Hello! Paul,
Thanks for the wonderful exercise on adverbs. It was very useful for my students. Please keep on sending.

Hi Paul, I�m a new student in I just started to learn from the basic level so that I can understand it better. I am having problem with speaking English. Maybe I�m not a native English speaker, but I�m very happy that I found this website. It�s very useful website for everyone like me, for students, workers, & for everyone. And the video lessons are also very useful to learn, including quizzes. Thank you for your effort and for supporting us.

Hey Paul. How are you? I hope great, I’m here to thank you because I’m really impressed about the great work you’re doing on Learn American English, so I study there everyday and It’s the best site i’ve ever seen! So, God Bless You dude! You Rock.

Thank you professor Paul for the opportunity you have given me since 2010 to learn and practice English. When I first came to the US, I had difficulty to speak and to understand English. By taking all the levels, I became better until I took and passed the placement college test at FSCJ without finishing the ESOL program. Today, I have my Bachelor’s degree from FSCJ in Public Safety Management. I am very thankful to you. Keep up with the good work! Sincerely, Frantz

Hallo Paul, Your lessons and exercises are very helpful for me. I never had a book that explained the English grammar so easy. Thank you very much. Best regards, Margot Augustin

Thanks a lot for everything you are doing for our benefit to learn English, and to make it a first language. I just want to let you know that yesterday NOV 11, 20014 for my first year living in USA and your web site is helping me a lot, so now I am preparing to go pass my compass test for college.

feedback from student

Hello, How are you my teacher? I am honored and pleased to talk to someone as exceptional and wonderful as yourself. I descovered this website last year I don’t know exactly when, November maybe. Obviously behind this website there is–no secret to anyone–hard work! Please let me offer you a heartful congratulation! Finally, after numerous attempts and have returns the difficulty of gramma rules, information begins to take shape, slowly but surely in order because of this wonderful and extraordinary website. You put so much heart, dedication and immense patience! Very well-structured and explained, a real pleasure to learn a foreign language! I started learning English a few years ago when I went for the first time in the USA. I thought I could not go without I knowing a word! I didn’t have a teacher, but I tried day after day, step by step to find as many English books and write as much as I could, but learning a foreign language takes year–but you know! Hopefully, going forward I may one day manage to speak and write much better than today. I like English. it is very beautiful and it sounds sweet and therefore I am motivated to learn, and your lessons help me improve my English. I wish you a wonderful day and good health. Apologies for my mistakes. Lucia from Romania Thank you

Dear Mr. Paul. I have to confess that this is probably the best site for learning English ever made. I learned English at school four years when I was at high school. And yes, your exercises, teaching methods and all others are excellent. Only continue in that way. Yours sincerely, Goran M., Republic of Macedonia

Hi Teacher, I have not enough words to thank you for this exceptional website and for your hard and useful work. You helped me so much that the last Sunday I began to sing in my church choir. Many blessings, with gratitude, Eugenia.

Dear Mr. Paul, First of all I’ll introduce myself. my name is Sinan. I’m 23 years old, I live in Iraq-Baghdad. I want to thank you a lot for making this site. It’s the best grammar site I’ve ever seen till now….I have covered the blue level till now, and (will keep) going on.Thanks again. Peace, Sinan

I like your website. I hope to learn something, but I am confused by verb tenses, present perfect and simple. When do I use each? It is hard for me to speak English because I don’t have anyone to practice with. Thank-you, Krystal.

Dear Mr Paul,
Thank you sooo much for correcting my exercises and adding the idioms section in your website! It’s very impressive! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!
You explain things in a very creative and simple way, I like it a lot! Best Regards, Iman.

Hi Paul, Thank-you for this opportunity you give us to improve. English is my second language, I’m so happy! I live in Miami, but I’m from Colombia, and I decided to improve my English, and I think that this is the best way to do it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Kika, Miami, U.S.A.

Dear Colleague,
I am teaching English in southeast Turkey and I love your web site!
What you have done is wonderful!
Thanks a lot! — Bekir, Turkey

The lesson was so fabulous. I liked it.I have learned enough of this and understood perfectly well. I must have got used to using it., because now I can use it most frequently. — Mgeni

Hi Paul, I am sorry I haven’t send any e-mail to you since I started to learn English from your site. I like your site. It is the best site I could find. I can speak English, but not very well, and I want to learn English more. Thank-you very much for your hard work to help many people to improve their English. Thank-you again. Valentina.

Dear Teacher
This is Hind Ali. I’m from Iraq, and I moved to the United States last March .
I started my lessons with this website last June. It’s amazing. It has helped me to remember the grammar of the English language and it has helped me in learning the idioms which are very important for newcomers to the United States . The last e-mail I received ("American English uses a lot slang") was interesting. I enjoyed it, and I think as a foreigner these slang words are what I need to understand the popular language of American people. Your student, Hind Ali

Your English course is very good.  It is easy to understand. Thank-you. Wasala.

Dear Paul,

Thank-you for everything and all the lessons you worked out for the net. Your website is excellent, and I love it very much. Every day I read a lot from it and listen to your videos. I like the English language (I take pleasure in your stuff) and I need it in my work to understand written materials. I admire your hard work. I would like to help you if you want. For a while I searched for a website of good quality, is well-edited, and easy to understand. I am sure many people love you and you get a lot of e-mail. I wish you a long and happy life. — Love, Piroska (from Budapest, Hungary)

Hello Paul,

My name is Jow (pronouned like "cow") and I’m originally from Thailand. I’m a mother, wife and author of a best selling book in Thailand which is in its third printing. I just moved from Wisconsin to Murrieta, California to pursue my dream of opening up my own salon and to continute writing my books. I also enjoy volunteer work in my community helping others and fighting for animal rights. Someday I want to write my book in English, but my daughter told me my English is not good enough to be a writer. I decided to go to an adult school to learn ESL and study hard as I can .I just found your website on the internet while doing my homework today and I love it. I really apprectiate your hard work teaching people around the world. I will keep telling my friends in my class to visit your website. I will learn hard, read, listen and write. Now you are my teacher Paul. Thank you very much! — Your student, Jow

Hi Paul,

By accident I found your website while looking for American English lessons. I love your website because of the way you explain things, so clear and helpful. You explain it complete with examples and pictures, video, also with exercises, which I could not find on another British English websites. I am an ESL student in Washington state, and I often study online thru websites, but all of the websites I found only British English. I am very happy when I found your website. I think yours is the best. If you have free time, would you please add your website with some readings stories ? — Thank you and have a great day always, Diane

Thanks for your answer! Actually yesterday I finished working with all the green level. After that I made a chart where I included all the active and passive tenses, and it worked! As I see English is endless but I love it! I just wanted to say thank-you because your website is my favorite! I work with a lot of free websites, but this one is so special, I like the order the lessons are built, the simple explanations, and the practice . Thnx. — Kliko

Hi teacher Paul. I was studying grammar and watching the videos where you give explanations. I love so much the way you teach. The difficult grammar with you is easy to understand. Always, when I want to study I open your site it makes me feel so happy because now I understand better how to speak English. Now I understand for what reason sometimes you use "get" and in others "to be." That part was so confusing for me–and the passive voice. The best of your site are the videos because I listen to the pronunciation and structure of the sentences. Teacher you are amazing. You have around the earth many people that appreciate what you do for us. In spite of the fact that I am 44 years old, I want to learn how to speak English but do it well, and you are my best friend. Excuse me, teacher, if you don’t understand my writing, I am really bad at writing. You know, teacher, this is one of my weaknesses. Bye teacher. I am going to continue watching your videos. My best regards to you — Gloria from Panama

Hello Paul,

My name is Alfredo From Guadalajara Mexico. Let me tell you… you are doing an incredible job teaching on your website with videos. I feel like I’m in a real classroom!

I studied English only one year, but I have forgotten some things. Some mistakes happen when you can’t practice all the time, so your website and your help in your videos is great because I will take an exam for a position in Canada, which sounds great because the economic crisis here in Mexico is terrible (when you live in a 3rd world country it is much harder than in the USA or Europe). Well, I sent my pic! It is attached here in this e-mail. Thanks for your lessons! ! !

My name is Trinh. I’m Vietnamese. I have lived in the US for 15 months. I just learn English at the library, just on the Internet . Although there are many programs on the Internet, I like your good lessons. The examples are easy to understand …….One important thing is that you are a devoted teacher. In my deepest heart, I thank YOU very much . I hope YOU have good health to serve for humankind ….a beautiful life to you and family.

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