Easter eggs

Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What do you see in the picture?

A: It’s a bowl full of Easter eggs.


A: It’s a bowl of hard-boiled eggs. The eggs are dyed many different colors.

2. Q: What colors are they?

A: They’re blue, red, yellow, orange, green, and pink.

3. Q: When do people dye Easter eggs?

A: They dye Easter eggs before Easter.

4. Q: Why do they dye them different colors?

A: It’s a tradition.


A: It’s fun to dye eggs. / Children enjoy dying eggs. / It’s a creative activity.

5. Q: What are some things that you can make with hard-boiled eggs?

A:With hard-boiled eggs you can make….

….egg salad.

….egg salad sandwiches.

….potato salad.

….deviled eggs.

6. What are some things that people do on Easter?

A: They go to church.


A: Children look for easter eggs.


A: Families gather together and celebrate the Easter holiday.

Note: Eggs are symbolic of new life. Easter is a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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