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Can you answer these questions?

Write your answer in complete sentences:  write by hand  

1. Q: Who is this man? What does he do?

A: He’s an artist. He paints.

2. Q: What is he doing?

A: He’s painting. He painting on a canvas .

3. Q: What are some things he uses to do his work?

A: He uses paint, a brush, and a canvas.

4. Q: Where is he?

A: He’s outside on the street.

5. Q: What are some things he can do with the work that he produces?

A: He can sell them. He can display them in a gallery or in a museum.

6. Q: What kinds of artistic things can you do?

A: I can paint.


A: I can sing. / I can dance. / I can play the guitar. / I know how to sew. / I know how to cook.

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