Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What are these things?

A: They’re asparagus. / It’s asparagus.

(Note: The word "asparagus" is a noncount noun, but you’ll hear Americans use it in both the singular and plural form.)


A: They’re asparagus spears.

2. Q: What time of the year do they come out of the ground?

A: They come out of the ground in the spring.

3. Q: How do you harvest them?

A: You cut them at the base of the plant near the ground.

4. Q: What can you do with them?

A: You can use asparagus in salads or stir fry. You can also roast asparagus in the oven. Some people like to eat raw asparagus.

5. Do you like asparagus?

A: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

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