Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What just happened here?

A: A baby was just born.


A: A woman just gave birth to a baby.


A: They just had a baby.

2. Q: In which part of a woman’s body does a baby develop?

A: A baby develops in a woman’s uterus. (You can also call the uterus "the womb.")


A: A baby develops in a woman’s stomach. (Technically this is not correct, but a lot of people say it anyway because that’s what it looks like.)

3. Q: How long does it take for a baby to develop?

A: It takes nine months for a baby to go from conception to delivery.

4. What kind of a doctor helps a woman before and during childbirth?

A: An obstetrician helps a woman before and during childbirth.


A: Some women around the world use a midwife–a woman who is specially trained to deliver babies.

5. Q: What kind of a machine can a doctor use to check the health of a baby before it’s born?

A: A doctor uses an ultrasound machine to check on the baby before it’s born.


6. Q: What’s the name of the room in the hospital where babies are born?

A: Babies are born in the delivery room.

*A big thanks to my student Vinicius for providing this picture. Congratulations!

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