Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What is this?

A: It’s a butterfly.

2. Q: What time of the year do you see these kinds of insects?

A: You can see butterflies in the summer.


A: Butterflies come out in the summer.


3. Q: How does it get around?

A: It flaps its wings and flies.


4. Q: What kind of a butterfly is this?

A: This is a Monarch butterfly.

5. Q: What is the life cycle of a butterfly?

A: A butterfly lays eggs. When the eggs hatch, a caterpillar emerges. The caterpillar spins a cocoon for itself where it lives during the winter. During the winter, the caterpillar changes to a butterfly. It breaks out of the cocoon once the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is complete.

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