Clothes on a clothesline

Can you answer these questions?

write  write by hand  or record:

1. Q: What’s on the clothesline?

A: There are clothes on the clothesline.

2. Q: Why are they on the clothesline?

A: They’re drying.

3. Q: How long will it take for them to dry?

A: It’ll take a few hours.

4. Q: Is it a good day to dry clothes outside?

A: Yes. The sun is out and it’s hot.

5. Q: How do most people in the United States dry their clothes?

A: They use a dryer.

6. Q: How do people in the country that you come from dry their clothes?

A: Answers will vary:

 They use a dryer.

 They hang them outside.

 They hang them inside.

7. Q: Which do you prefer, drying clothes outside or in a machine?

A: I prefer to use a machine.


A: I prefer to hang them outside.

8. Q: What’s one disadvantage in drying clothes outside?

A: Answers will vary:

 Sometimes it rains.

 Sometimes it’s too cold.

  Someone might steal your clothes.

 A bird might poop on your clothes.

Click below to hear what a student online said in response to these questions. I think she did very well!


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