man on chair

Can you answer these questions?

Write  write by hand  Listen


1. Q: What is the man doing?

A: He’s standing on a chair.

2. Q: Why is he doing that?

A: He’s afraid of a mouse.


A: He’s standing on a chair because he’s afraid of a mouse.


3. Q: What is the mouse doing?

A: The mouse is staring at the man.

4. Q: What should the man do?

A: He should get off the chair and not be so afraid of a mouse.


A: He should get a mousetrap.

5. Q: What would you do?

A: I would……

I would get off of the chair.

I would capture the mouse and keep it in a cage.

I would buy a mousetrap.

I would kill the mouse.

I would get a cat.

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