men fishing 

Can you answer these questions?

write  write by hand  or record:

1. Q: Where are they?

A: They’re on a lake.


A: They’re in a boat.


A: They’re in a boat on a lake.

2. Q: What are they doing?

A: They’re fishing.

3. Q: Is it day or night?

A: It’s day.

4. Q: Is the water calm or rough?

A: It’s calm. The water is calm.

5. Q: What can you do with a fish after you catch it?

A: You can eat it.


A: You can clean it, cook it, and eat it.


A: You can throw it back.


A: If it’s really big, you can mount it on a wall.


6. Q: Do you like to go fishing?

A: Yes, I do.


A: No, I don’t.

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