Can you answer these questions?

write  write by hand  or record:

1. Q: Who’s in this video?

A: It’s the teacher. or It’s Paul. or It’s my teacher.

2. Q: What sport is he playing?

A: He’s playing golf.

3. Q: What’s he trying to do?

A: He’s trying to hit a golf ball.

4. Q: What kind of clothes is he wearing?

A: He’s wearing a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, socks, and a hat.

5. Q: How many times did he swing the golf club?

A: He swang the golf club four times.*

6. Q: When did he finally hit the ball?

A: He hit it on the fourth swing.**

simplepastpast participle





* Some Americans use "swang" for the past tense; some use "swung" for the past tense. It depends on where you are in the U.S.

** The word "swing" is the noun form of the word.

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