1. write by hand this picture in your notebook.

 2. Write the questions and the answers to the questions in your notebook.

1. Q: What is this?

A: It’s graffiti.

2. Q: Where is it? What kind of a surface is it on?

A: It’s outside. It’s on a wall.


A: It’s on a wall outside.

3. Q: Is it legal?

A: No, it isn’t. It’s usually illegal (unless permission is given).


A: No. It’s an act of vandalism.

4. Q: Why do people do this?

A: They want attention.


A: They belong to a gang and they are marking their territory.


A: They are artists and they use graffiti as a means for self-expression.

5. Q: Does this happen in the area where you live?

A: Yes, it does. / No, it doesn’t.


6. Q: Who does this?

A: Kids usually do this.


A: Graffiti artists do it. Sometimes they are given permission, but sometimes they do it without permission.

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