Can you answer these questions?

write  write by hand  or record:

1. Q: What is she doing?

A: She’s painting.


A: She’s painting the concrete part of a fence.


2. Q: Why is she doing this?

A: She wants to protect the concrete.


A: She wants the fence to look nice.

3. Q: What is she wearing on her hands?

A: She’s wearing gloves.

4. Q: What color is she using?

A: She’s using white.

5. Q: What are the tools that she is using to do her work?

A: She’s using a roller and a rolling pan.


6. Q: How long do you think it has taken her to do the work she has done so far?

A: It has probably taken her several hours.


A: It has taken her more than one day.


A: It has taken her…….(you fill in the length of time.)

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