Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: Where are they?

A: They’re at a pool. / They’re at a swimming pool.

2. Q: What is the woman doing?

A: She’s lying in the sun.


A: She’s relaxing by the side of the pool.


3. Q: What is the man doing?

A: He’s swimming.

4. Q: Are there any other people at the pool?

A: No, there aren’t. They’re the only ones there.

5. Q: What do you wear when you go swimming?

A: There are several different words for what people wear when they go swimming:

Men wear a swimsuit / a bathing suit / swim trunks.

Women wear a swimsuit / a bathing suit / a biknin (two pieces) / a one-piece bikini

6. Q: What does the word "drown" mean?

A: The word "drown" means to die in the water.

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