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receipt baklava


Can you answer these questions?

write  write by hand  

1. Q: What is this receipt for?

A: It's for some baklava.


A: It's for two pieces of baklava.



2. Q: What's the date of the purchase?

A: The date of the purchase is November 24, 2012.



3. Q: What is the total cost?

A: The total cost is $3.50.


A: The total cost is three dollars and fifty cents.


A: It comes to $3.50



4. Q: Where was this food purchased?

A: It was purchased at Astoria Pastoria Shop in Detroit, Michigan.



5. How was the purchase made?

A: The purchase was made with cash.



6. Q: On what day of the week was it purchased?

A: It was purchased on Saturday.



7. Q: What time was it purchased?

A: It was purchased at 3:31 p.m.



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