shaving cream

Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: What is this?

A: It’s a can of shaving cream.


2. Q: What is it used for?

A: It’s used for shaving your face or other parts of your body.


3. Q: How do you use it?

A: First, you shake the can. Then you push the button on the top of the can and put shaving cream into your hand. Apply the shaving cream to those parts of your face or body that need to be shaved.

4. Q: What happens if you don’t use it?

A: If you don’t use shaving cream while shaving, the razor scrapes your skin. You also might cut yourself.


A: If you don’t shave at all, you’ll grow a beard. Hair will grow on those areas of your body that a person normally shaves.

5. Q: Can you use anything besides shaving cream when shaving?

A: You can use regular soap. Anything that provides lubrication is better than nothing.

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