1. write by hand this picture in your notebook.

 2. Write the questions and the answers to the questions in your notebook.

1. Q: What kind of a shirt is this?

A: It’s a long-sleeved shirt. / It’s a dress shirt. / It’s a work shirt. / It’s a shirt for work.

2. Q: Which part of a shirt goes around the neck?

A: The collar goes around the neck.

3. Q: Where you can you find information about what a shirt is made of and the instructions for washing?

A: Information about material and washing instructions are found on the tag.

4. Q: What do you say when a person puts the tail ends of a shirt inside his or her pants?

A: He tucks in his pants. (present tense)

She tucked in her pants. (past tense)

5. Q: What’s the name given to a thin, white shirt worn underneath a shirt?

A: A t-shirt is worn underneath another shirt.

6. Q: Where do you buy your shirts?

A: I buy my shirts at a clothing store.


A: I buy my shirts at a men’s store. I buy my shirts at a women’s store.


A: I buy my shirts at a thrift shop. (a store that sells used clothes.)


A: I buy my shirts at (name of store in the possessive form). I buy my clothes at Macy’s.

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