Can you answer these questions?

Write your answer in complete sentences:  write by hand  

1. Q: What are these people doing?

A: They’re singing.


A: They’re singing in a choir.

2. Q: Where are they? (or) What kind of a building are they in?

A: They’re in a church.


A: They’re on a stage. They’re on a stage in a church.

3. Q: What does a person need in order to be a good singer?

A: A person needs a good voice to be a good singer.


A: You need a good voice to be a singer.

4. Q: Can you read music?

A: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

5. Q: When reading music, what does a person see on the page?

A: A person sees notes. You read the notes on a staff.

notes notes

6. Q: What does an audience do after listening to a performance?

A: The audience claps.

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