Can you answer these questions?

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1. Q: Who is he?

A: He’s a thief.

2. Q: What’s he doing?

A: He’s stealing something.


A: He’s leaving someone’s house with a TV under his arm.


3. Q: How did he get into the house?

A: He broke in.


A: He entered through a window.

4. Q: What happens if the police catch him?

A: He’ll go to jail.


A: If he’s tried and convicted, he’ll go to prison.

5. Q: What are some other words to describe people who steal?

A: A burglar is someone who breaks into homes and businesses.

A robber is a person who steals from anywhere.

A shoplifter is a person who steals merchandise from a store while pretending to be a shopper.

A mugger is a person who steals from people as they are walking on the street. A mugger usually uses a gun or a knife.

An embezzler is a person who steals from the company he or she works for.

A tax cheat is a person who cheats on his taxes.

A forger is a person who creates things that look like they have value, but they are just cheap imitations.

A counterfeiter is a person who makes fake money or other valuable items.

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